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Wine Tourism

Wine Toursim with Bodega Santa Cecilia

In Bodega Santa Cecilia we organize your customized trip. Thanks to our agreements with wine cellars throughout all  the national territory, we work with your idea of a perfect trip, regardless if you are a person alone, groups or companies.

If you are interested in visiting a place in particular, please do not hesitate to contact us clicking here.

Here you have some of the wine cellars you can visit:


Gonzalez Byass tourism

Gonzalez Byass

In the first half of the 19th century, Jerez became the capital of the wine in the world. In 1835 Manuel Maria Gonzalez Angel gathered his savings and started a small winery. In just 20 years González Byass had become the first wine cellar to export Jerez. wines. He built his first large wineries:Constancia, Apóstoles and La Cuadrada and in mid-century La Concha, designed by Eiffel and the one of Lepanto. When he dies in 1887 had left not only a thriving business but a monumental one.

A visit to the wine cellar of Gonzalez Byass Tio Pepe in Jerez, will transport you in time, at this late nineteenth century city. Just  a good glass of Tio Pepe will return you to reality.

Pago del Vicario tourism

Pago del Vicario

It is a wine project where technology is at the service of nature. It is designed in a comprehensive and inclusive, from its own wine cellar , a telescope of 7 bodies, like the 7 stages having winemaking.Integrated into its own ecosystem, where steel, cement and wood blend into avant-garde forms, but integrating conventional wisdom, because inside survive harmoniously winemaking machinery and tools more modern and more scientific winemaking techniques, with most traditional winemaking practices, sophisticated packaging line with the underground cellars.

Bodega Masques de Riscal

Marqués de Riscal

Marqués de Riscal is the oldest  and most traditional wine cellar in La Rioja. He began his career in the year 1860 and is known for its pioneering, innovative and non-conformist nature, and by introducing French techniques used in wine preparation. Always one step ahead of the rest, opening the way without forgetting tradition. 

Within this framework that combines tradition and future, the idea for building a revolutionary was born, capable of symbolizing the innovative spirit of the company.  In 1998 Marqués de Riscal becomes pioneered with the idea of combining production space with a space for leisure, and he gives a step forward to create the City of Wine, which aims to raise awareness of the wine, its history, culture and philosophy; He includes awine therapy space, a wine museum, a research center and training wine, plus all the infrastructure of a  wine cellar as Marqués de Riscal.

Bodegas Chivite


Bodegas Chivite

Less than 150 meters from Finca Granja de Legardeta is the Chivite family winery built by renowned architect Rafael Moneo, winner of the Pritzker Award whose other works include expanding Museo del Prado, the Catedral de Los Ángeles and the  Modern Art Museum of Estocolmo.

The winery reflects the philosophy of the property, is integrated into the landscape as a new natural element and constructed with materials that respect the environment.

The interior combines modern technology with traditional treatment. The grapes are organic flow along the winery that ensures gentle treatment and precise control over the entire winemaking process.

Bodega Codorniu

Bodegas Codorníu

The imposing Codorníu cellars in Sant Sadurní, were built between the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Since 1976 is a Historic Artistic Monument and is one of the most impressive examples of Catalan modernist architecture, carried out by the architect Josep Puig, who, with Gaudí, was one of the leaders of this movement in architecture.Visiting Codorníu is immersed in the history of cava. The Cavas Codorniu's Visitors Center offers the chance to enjoy an exclusive guided tour of the winery and a tasting of two champagnes from our house, accompanied by a special appetizer. They palpated architecture, history, tradition, innovation, grape growing and winemaking, Codorníu aspects that make a place full of magical sensations.


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