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About us

Bodega Santa Cecilia 1922

Proud of our history.

The origin of Bodega Santa Cecilia dates back to 1922 when Pedro Santa Cecilia Muñoz managed a traditional winery under that name, typical of Madrid of that time. A successful bet in tough times.

There comes a passion that lasts until today.

Bodega Santa Cecilia the first to specialize.

In 1968 his son, Pedro Santa Cecilia Berlinches, founded Bodega Santa Cecilia as is now known, following the family tradition but riding a modern business. Pedro Santa Cecilia opened the first self-service specializing in wines and spirits from Spain at number 74 of Blasco de Garay, Madrid.

The concept was a success, and soon it became an essential place in Madrid, where the widest and original selection of beverages at the most competitive prices can be found, a philosophy that today remains the basis of its success: Specialization at good prices, which has turned us into reliable suppliers of the best hotel and catering industry in Madrid, and of the experts and lovers of good drink.

Inaugración 1968  Bodega Santa Cecilia
Bodega Santa Cecilia vinos

First World of Wine space

The third generation of Bodega Santa Cecilia, moved by their love of the world of wine and a company with a long family tradition, opened in the fall of 2006 the first SPACE THEMED WINE WORLD of Spain in the heart of Madrid, in the same number 74 Blasco de Garay where for more than 40 years his father installed the first self-service.

Our store now offers more than 5,000 products.

Always offering benefits to our customers

In 2009 we created for our clients CLUB SANTA CECILIA which can become members and where they are offered special discounts and offers on their purchases, plus a range of recreational and educational activities around the world of wine as tasting courses, visits to wineries, conversations with winemakers, tastings and free monthly exhibitions in our stores and offers constant. With these services and content we want the spread of culture and enjoyment of wine is our reason for being.

Club de Clientes Bodega Santa Cecilia
Compra online de vinos

At the forefront, Santa Cecilia 2.0.

In 2006 we opened our first web online wine sales.

In 2013 we renewed the concept of online wine shop with a social web, easy to handle, with all kinds of information related to the world of wine, with offers, good recommendations and a highly competitive price.


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